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What we can guarantee:

If you follow our suggestions we promise that your website rank will increase.

What we can't:

Two hours of SEO will not make up for years of bad online marketing.

SEO is hard work and if it were truly simple you would not be here asking for help. Our recommendations can take weeks, months or even years to properly implement. There is no magic bullet or a switch we turn on to make your site rank better.

"He who works smarter will win the battle, but the battle cannot be won without a good deal of hard work"

What you get for $199:

Two hours of analysis of your current web site or SEO suggestions for building a new website.

  • Recommendations guaranteed to improve your web rank.
  • Keyword research to locate high traffic keywords pertinent to your product or service.
  • Ranking tips and strategies.
  • How to use social media to your advantage.
  • Site architecture recommendations.
  • Google analytics and other free Google tools to help your site rank better.
  • Answers to your site specific SEO/SEM questions.

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