Rehoboth Beach Web Design

Custom designs start at $3,000.

Amps211 is a local Rehoboth Beach Web Design Company offering both custom and low cost website solutions. Our custom designs start at $3,000.

Call (302) 258-4368 or contact us to get started!

Small budget? Got $350?

It’s true, you get what you pay for. While we can’t offer custom websites for peanuts, we can get you rocking with a WordPress powered website on the cheap.

For $350 we can get you a domain name and install WordPress along with a prebuilt theme of your choice. We will help you set up the site to make it search engine friendly and we won’t charge a dime for hosting for the first year. The second year our blog hosting costs $5 a month or $60 a year.

This is a much better solution than hiring your best friend’s high school kid to build you a site. While our cheap sites may not look custom they are guaranteed to rank well.

You can purchase similar packages elsewhere on the web but remember we are local and happy to visit your place of business in person to help when you have difficulties.


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Local Charity?

If you run a local charity or not for profit business we’ll build you a simple site for $15 a year.